Summer at the Wong’s Association

Summer was full of memorable milestones at the Wong’s Association. From hosting our first public event for youth (see below) to coordinating some very overdue spring cleaning (and a building facelift!), the hallways seemed livelier than ever.

In August, the Youth Committee co-hosted an event with The Living Room Series, where 50 people gathered in our Ancestral Hall for an intimate evening on the topic of Identity. Musicians – including GuZheng player Michelle Kwan  – and speakers filled the night with their electrifying sets and heartfelt stories. We even enjoyed an energetic performance by improv troupe, Improvisando!

Needless to say, the Youth Commitee has caught the event bug, and plans on hosting more socials in the future. Connect with us to stay tuned with upcoming events!

Next on the to-do list was giving our beloved building a much needed exterior upgrade.




Interested in coming down for a closer look? Send us a message to coordinate a visit, and check out our photo archives!

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